Neighborhoods Around
Massey Ranch Airpark
aka Epic Aviation South
Flight School Brothel
The purpose of this website is to enlighten existing and potential residents of these neighborhoods as to some of the quality of life issues regarding aircraft noise and
safety concerns.

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    Prior to mid 2006 these neighborhoods were truly peaceful and quiet.
If you plan to move to within this circle you should read this first

N319EP, an Epic Aviation asshole, who does 10 times more touch and gos at Edgewater than he does at his own airport, needlessly endangering the safety of the neighborhood taking off downwind, using runway 36 while 2 other aircraft were using runway 18.
9-25-19  6:00pm
But hey FAA, you know what's going on here, right? My ass.

Hey Danny Perna:
Keep your unsafe lazy ass pilots out of our neighborhoods. Your airplanes abuse this runway second only to Embry-Riddle. You have a handful off lazy punk instructors doing most of your touch and go dirty work in our neighborhoods in order to minimize the noise in yours. We put up with hundreds of flight operations here a week by a handful of your aircraft while often simultaneously your home airport has little to no traffic. Go to hell and don't bother passing Go.


N187ER and N189ER
ERAU aka
Extreme Repetitive Abusive Users
Masters of the Unnecessary Downwind Takeoff

N187ER downwind takeoff   N188ER downwind takeoff
N187ER downwind takeoff July 20, 2019
No less than 31 touch and gos taking off downwind
N188ER downwind takeoff July 20, 2019
No less than 22 touch and gos taking off downwind
Massey's discriminatory noise abatement policy in action
You watching FAA? 

Students pay $50,000+ a year tuition so they can spend 30+ hours a week at massey air park generating noise and carbon pollution doing touch and goes to practice for meaningless spot landing contests, making sure to always use a discriminatory noise abatement practice of using the same no wind and cross-wind runway. Their mothers must be so proud. 

July 4, 2018 - just another greedy day for Danny Perna and the dirtbag flight instructors at Epic-tard Aviation
N316EP, N166CS, N2446Z, N957TC - Epic-tard Flight Academy
Hey Perna - Keep the noise from your lazy low life apathetic flight instructors and illiterate foreign students at your base air port and out of Edgewater especially on national  American holidays
No Respect for American tax payers or anything else but the Almighty Dollar

229 Days of Sunshine a Year
and the greedy flight schools and airpark owners can't take 1 lousy day off a year from training
Way to go Flight School Airpark, for such a wonderfully fake and meaningless noise abatement policy!!
Epic Aviation
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,
Epic Aviation, ERIK Flight Academy, Air America Flight Center, Fright Training Express

all use a discrimintory noise abatement practice while training mostly non U.S. citizens to fly aircraft at uncontrolled Massey Airpark by always using the same no-wind and cross-wind runway, as their lazy pilots avoid control tower hassles of thier own controlled home based airports
ERIK Flight Academy of New Smyrna Beach in particular uses an irresponsible, unsafe, and totally unnecessary downwind practice while doing touch and goes at Massey Airpark as has been photo documented on this site

Aerial Messages of Daytona Beach
and other noise polluting banner towing companies

all use a discrimintory noise abatement practice while conducting commercial flight operations at Massey Airpark by always using a right hand pattern when using runway 18 and a normal left hand pattern when using runway 36

Tired of excessive commercial flight school aircraft noise generated by countless flight schools in the central Florida area abusing Massey Ranch Airpark runway on a daily basis?
Call the office and let them know how much you enjoy it
Massey Ranch Airpark
635 Air Park Rd, Edgewater, FL 32132
Phone 386-428-3818, 386-427-3100

While you're at it, let the Edgewater mayor and city commisioners know how you feel also. They feel that massey airpark is a 'gem of Edgewater'

Mayor Michael Ignasiak - 386-478-1629
City Councilwoman Christine Power - 386-6585
Councilwoman Gigi Bennington - 386-427-1475
Councilman Dan Blazi - 386-6571
Councilman Gary Conroy - 386-314-7898
Ask them how the many outside flight schools based at other airports in Florida using Massey airpark runway on virtually daily basis benefit Edgewater.
Non-Edgewater flight schools such as:
Epic Aviation and ERIK Flight Academy based at New Smyrna Beach airport
Embry-Riddle University based at the Daytona Beach airport
Air America based at the Daytona Beach Airport
MC Flyers based at Spruce Creek Fly-IN where commercial touch and goes are prohibited so they come to Edgewater
ATP flight school based at the Daytona Beach airport
Dickinson Aviation based at the Daytona Beach Airport


Dirtbags of the Month:
Epic Aviation/ERIK Flight Academy
N2024Y, N2465H, N13974, N60603, N957TC and countless others
Hey Danny Perna, Go To Hell, for sending your lazy, incompetant instructors who cant teach people to fly airplanes without an excessive amount of touch and goes to Edgewater, so you can keep peace in the wigwam at your New Smyrna Beach based airport where touch and goes are banned on Sundays. Take the Massey's with you while you're at it for lying to the FAA about having no noise abatement policy while telling the Daytona Beach News Journal they do.


Hey Embry-Riddle - Go To Hell
You spend hundreds of hours at Massey airpark and other airports a year filling neighborhoods with your noise, lead and carbon pollution. As the single most widely spread source of noise pollution in east central Florida you do little or nothing to address the issue. You spend millions of dollars on a telescope facility and oceanography projects - really? astronomy and oceanography at an aeronautical university? - whats next, maybe a cooking school?
Here's an idea Embry-Riddle: Why not spend some time and money on the problems you CAUSE in communities, things like quieter aircraft or your own runway training facility, and not just on things that benefit Embry-Riddle? But then, that wouldn't do anything to get your enrollment numbers up so you can cause even more noise, pollution and lower quality of life for neighborhoods. Good old corporate greed at its finest.

Dirtbags of the past weeks:
Aerial Messages of Daytona Beach,
who a few years back lied to New Smyrna Beach to try to con them into letting them run their noise polluting business from NSB's airport instead of Massey airpark. They told New Smyrna that they don't do any repetitive flight training that the residents of New Smyrna were so tired of hearing from the flight schools. They do repetitive flight training several hours a day for a few weeks every year since they've been parked at massey airpark.


One of Danny Perna's boys in N957TC from ERIK Flight Academy of New Smyrna Beach doing what they do best, downwind flight operations, at Massey airpark on 12/23/2014 and 1/11/15 - an unsafe and totally unnecessary bad decision, to appease Massey's discriminatory 'noise abatement policy' of always using the same no-wind runway. Are you paying attention FAA? Or are you more concerned with promoting flight schools and bending the rules for them when it comes to reasonable noise restrictions and low fly violations? But you know what's going on at that airpark right? Of course you are aware of people taking off in bad weather, as yet another bad, and unfortunately fatal, flying decision was made at Massey Airpark sadly resulting in the death of a Japanese woman by crashing into the ocean in bad weather. Be aware, FAA, irresponsible pilots have been seen doing touch and goes at Massey airpark in the immediate vicinty of lightning storms and in severly limited visiblity conditions, not to mention downwind flight operations, simultaneous use of two different runways, reporting using runway 18 while they were actually using 36, not using the radio while doing repeated touch and goes. But since it's an uncontrolled airport you can do nothing about that, right? Make sure you're ready to explain that to the unfortunate family or resident that ends up on the receiving end of such a bad decision when, heaven forbid, it ever happens. Here's a quarter, FAA, buy a clue, before someone in this neighborhood gets killed by an irresponsible pilot, all in the name of the almighty dollar!
Embry-Riddel must be loving it, as most of the other area flight schools are laying low at Massey as the FAA investigation into the fatal accident continues at the facility. Isn't it nice having the otherwise useless runway to yourselves, just like old times? Whats the matter New Smyrna flight schools? It's not cool to come to Massey now for a while? Fear not, people have short memories, and things will be back to normal , and you'll all have your little gravy train back in no time.

Air America Flight Center:
N21692, N1419D, N5295Y, N19U
Business location: Daytona Beach International Airport
Flight operations at Massey Airpark per week = 200+
Hangar fees paid to Massey Airpark per week = $0
Fuel purchases paid to Massey Airpark per week = $0
Landing fees paid to Massey Airpark = $0
Christmas gifts to the Masseys = Anybody's guess

Epic Aviation / ERIK Flight Academy:
N6030E, N957TC, N2024Y,
N545EP, N172RA, N60603

Business location: New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport
Flight operations at Massey Airpark per week = 500+
Hangar fees paid to Massey Airpark per week = $0
Fuel purchases paid to Massey Airpark per week = $0
Landing fees paid to Massey Airpark = $0
Christmas gifts to the Masseys = Anybody's guess

To All You Gay Epic/ERIK Flyers
that seem to have to invade Massey Airpark 2 and 3 at a time

Good News: We've got a neighborhood collection together and are buying y'all hamsters. But don't think we're spendthrifts, we're saving a bundle by buying pre-owned, completely refurbished ERAU rodents.
Happy holidays girls

Q: What do you see when an Epic/ERIK flight instructor bends over?
A: A cockpit

Way to go Massey Airpark, that's the way to get into flight training!
The flight school's home based airports make the money, while our neighborhoods get inundated with their noise.
Massey Airpark certainly is the "gem of Edgewater", just ask the 10's of commercial flight schools that use it for free on a regular daily and weekly basis for touch and go training.

Economically Worthless Lowlifes of the Month:

Air America, Erik Flight Academy aka Epic Aviation, jr., and Epic Aviation

ERIK FLIGHT ACADEMY aka Epic Aviation, jr., owned by the same family that owns Epic Aviation - gotta love those female business owned tax breaks,, huh Danny?
FOAD Danny
N2446Z, N957TC, N6060E
Based in New Smyrna Beach and comes to Edgewater before 8am Sunday mornings to spend all day there doing commercial flight training because their home based airport's reasonable noise abatement policy restricts touch and goes on Sundays

Veterans Day November 14, 2014
Just another day in the life of greedy, self centered flight schools and airpark owners

New Smyrna Beach based Epic Aviation
N60616, N11802, N10910 and others
training their foreign students at Massey Noise Park all month long again now that Embry-Riddle is on summer break
while using a discriminatory noise abatement practice to keep their worthless asses out of hot water with noisepark management apathoids

They bilked New Smyrna Beach taxpayers out of $1 Million to have an FAA control tower installed at their airport then come to Edgewater to do thier incessant touch and goes anyway.
You come to Edgewater because the tower at your airport won't let you do your incessant touch and gos in bad weather?


Previous Lowlife award winners:
Epic Aviation - N11802, N944TT, N6036Y
Who spent half the day at massey airpark Sunday May 4 because his home airport's noise abatement policy prohibits touch-and-goes on Sundays
How's it feel Epic, to bilk the city of New Smyrna Beach out of $1 million to have an FAA control tower installed then use a privately owned runway for your incessant touch and goes because you're too lazy to listen to the control tower? Don't you low lifes forget to put the Masseys on your Christmas list.

Air America - N5199H
Unnecessary low flying under 500 feet of an occupied structure 4/11/14
You have been reported the FAA

A noise abatement policy that allows midnight touch and goes for over an hour?
who's arrogance regarding excessive noise from their facility is exceeded only by their apathy for the matter

Embry-Riddle’s Eagles Flight Team
who's school is the single largest source of wide spread noise pollution and annoyance in Volusia County Florida

Touch and goes at 1AM??
Nice noise abatement policy there Masseys
What a joke!

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Home of the spoiled little rich kids that play with expensive toys they don't own at Massey Noisepark 7 days a week
N53ER, N58ER, N460ER

Too greedy and apathetic to build their own runway facility that they can't seem to exist without while building a new $40+ million telescope facility

Latest local lowlife seen unnecessarily flying well under 500 feet of an occupied structure, 1/24/14 12:45pm
You have been reported to the FAA

N60603, N957TC
Erik Flight Academy

Yet another low life Spruce Creek Fly In based flight school not allowed to do commercial touch and goes and their airport who comes to Massey to do them

N6717Y, N1419D
More Air America low lifes based in Daytona Beach that would rather come to Edgewater and disturb residents with their twin engine noise polluter than use their base airport

Another Noisy Spruce Creek Fly-In based low life
That's not alowed to do touch and goes at his airport, so he comes to Massey Noise Park to generate noise and annoy residents

Thanksgiving Day 2013 - National Holiday
Just another day for the low-life flight schools and Massey Airpark's discriminatory so called "Noise Abatement Policy"

N6030: Another Spruce Creek based airplane not allowed to use their own runway for commercial touch and gos, polluting the air around Edgewater
Stay out of our neighborhood

Embry-Riddel Engages in Discriminatory Noise Abatement Practice at Massey Airpark
N53ER and other ERU operated aircraft are using the same runway most times in order to minimized the noise their excessive touch and go air traffic generates in the area that the otherwise worthless runway is located in

E p i c A v i a t i o n
Namely N1318Q
Why don't you learn where the runway is at Massey NoisePark, or beter yet take up a profesison that you can handle and leave the flying to someone who is competant

N957TC, N6185U and others

Isn't New Smyrna Beach airport big enough for you??
Then go to Daytona or Orlando and leave our neighborhoods, and take your foreign students who pay no taxes and do little to support the local economy with you, or better yet....
Hey Aerosim Academy in Sanford
Air America in Daytona Beach

Namely N52806, N51654, N5280R and others who use Massey Airpark on Sundays
Whats wrong with the airports at Sanford and Daytona Beach??
Keep your worthless foreigned trained noise polluting industry out of our neighborhoods
- Unnecessary Low Flying
under 500 ft. over occupied structure
on 12-4-12 2:30pm

MC Flyers Get Lost!!

Based at Spruce Creek Fly In - where commercial repetitve flight training is banned - and using Massey Airpark on a regular basis
for repetive touch and goes
What's the matter Spruce Creek residents???
Is their money OK but not the noise they generate??
Another example of money grubbing hipocrites

Massey "Airpark"?? - What a Joke

Airpark and comercial flight schools engaged in a discriminatory noise abatement policy by never alternating the light wind runway
It's no more of an airpark than Daytona Beach International.
Why not be honest about it and change the name?
150+ flight operations a day from that facility and you can count the number of them by 'airpark' residents on one hand or finger; the rest by Embry Riddle and other commercially run flight schools conducting excessive and unnecessary repetitive touch and goes. Is it any wonder why past residents have moved from there? Take note potential airpark property seekers looking for a nice quiet airpark to move to after retirement. Look elsewhere, this is not it.

Just Another Money Grubbing Day
For the greedy flight schools and the Masseys

By N2024Y
another out-of-state owned aircraft operated by Epic Aviation using Massey Airpark for commercial purposes

E p i c A v i a t i o n
N957TC, N6185U and others
Isn't New Smyrna Beach airport big enough for you??
Then go to Daytona or Orlando and leave our neighborhoods, and take your foreign students who pay no taxes and do little to support the local economy with you, or better yet....
Stay out of our neighborhoods
Sending Local Dollars out of state by
such as N6269Q, N3265A, N60616, N5275W, N957TC, N6185U
Out of state aircraft owners reaping the monetary benefits while local residents endure the noise and carbon pollution
And NSB residents like N210SC others doing touch and gos at Massey Airpark on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays because your base airport's noise abatement policy doesn't allow it

It's a good thing Massey airpark has a noise abatement policy!
Yeah Right!!!

Embry-Riddle Spoiled Little Rich Kids

Take over Massey Airpark all day Fridays and Saturdays
to play spot landing games polluting Florida Shores and surrounding neighborhoods with their special brand of
excessive noise and carbon and lead pollution.
They are are so grateful to the airpark residents
who pay a yearly runway maintenance fee
so that they can use their runway free of charge 24/7
What a 'gem' the airpark is for Edgewater


Attention potential Florida airpark
and surrounding area property buyers:

The airspace around the airpark-turned-Embry-Riddle training center has been
taken over by aircraft operated by ERU and their affiliate flight schools
which are using Massey Airpark runway on a daily basis for touch and gos
including 6 to 8 hours at a time on weekends
Embry-Riddle now has aircraft based at the airpark
If you're looking for a quiet, peaceful airpark to move to, this is NOT it
You have been warned

September 11, 2011
Just another day worshiping the Almighty Dollar
for Massey Airpark's FTE and N79880

Hey Jose
You teach them well, flying well west of the runway on touch and gos and low approaches, and using discriminating noise abatement when the winds are calm. Not to mention allowing your aircraft to do touch and gos in lightning storms. Why don't you mozy on back to Miami or wherever it is you came from.

Epic Aviation
back at Massey Airpark doing touch and gos
Like N62668 on 5-18-2011
Aparantly the New Smyrna Beach airport they're based at
just isn't convienient enough

Phoenix East
who got kicked out of Massey Airpark a few years ago
Still likes to sneak a few touch and gos in now and then,
making sure not to use the radio to give themselves away
Like N925MH on 5-16-2011

More Out Of County Aircraft Use Massey Airpark For Flight Training
Like N8353V and N62568 on 5-12-2011

Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011
Just another day of touch and gos starting at 8:45 am for the apathetic Embry-Riddle students, other commercial flight schools and Massey Airpark owners
including N161ER

Florida Shores Residents

Are you getting tired of having your weekends and holidays bombarded with excessive commercial flight aircraft school noise? Call the Edgewater City Managers office here
and Massey Airpark office here and scroll down to owner information and demand some consideration.

Earth Day April 23, 2011
The commercial flight schools are doing their part by contributing their fair share of carbon and noise pollution
with yet another marathon day of touch and gos at Massey Airpark

For you aircraft owners that seem to be under the illusion that your N number and information is somehow "private" click here and type in your number. This is the free public access FAA Registry database accessible by anyone in the world. If you have a problem with N numbers being legally displayed on this or any of the hundreds of other websites that publish them, contact your congressional representative to get the laws changed. Good luck.

Get your own field

Noise Makers of the Month

A e r i a l M e s s a g e s of Daytona Beach
Who a year ago, played the game of telling the city of New Smyrna Beach they wanted to move their operations to New Smyrna Beach airport because they wanted their hangers. Aparently Massey's hangars were too expensive, and they wanted to get the price down. They even went to the lengths of giving NSB a $2000 deposit in order for New Smyrna Beach to agree to a 1 month trial period of banner towing from their airport which never materialized. Like they were going to move their rediculously loud noise and carbon polluting business from the airpark where anything goes to an area where residents were on record for years with issues of excessive aircraft noise, not to mention dealing with the control tower. Who for years have flown a dicriminatry noise abatement pattern around Massey airpark while doing their manuevers. They have also whined to the VCSO about some residents legally expressing their First Amendment rights. (How about it Matty, you think you'll be a man before your mother? Maybe you should call her next time. How do you and John Boy like being told there is nothing they can do?) It's just natural for them to do that since they believe they have the right to do anything they want, and people who have to listen to their noise over their rooftops all weekend long can just lump it. They operate some of the noisiest aircraft in Volusia county like N711WW, a 39 year old airplane previously involved in a fatal towing incident in 1986. It is equipped with a 450+ HP radial engine, just what one needs for towing 50 lb banners. What do you think they tow their fishing boat to the river with, a Kenworth?

Hey Embry-Riddle:

Why Don't You Just Buy Massey Airpark??
But why would you want to buy the cow when the fool will give you the milk for the price of hangaring a couple of airplanes you dont even own?

Embry-Riddle Flight Students
Spoiled Rotten Little Rich Kids based in Daytona
who make noise in our neighborhoods
with expensive toys they don't own and
and no respect or consideration of local residents
most of the day Saturdays,
and now 8 hours an Saturday's not enough,
so most of the day Sunday too

Like N52001, N421ER,
N428ER, N53ER, N58ER


Air America of Daytona
Like on Sunday morning 2-13-11
and N65939 and N53210
who trains mostly ERU students
doing touch and gos and making noise in Edgewater
contributing nothing but noise and carbon pollution
to the local economy

and Prop-Jet
who train ERU students and
do touch and gos in Edgewater but not at another airpark
in another city where they are based
contributing nothing but noise and carbon pollution to our local economy

And Epic Aviation like N1963U
Based at New Smyrna Beach airport whose


And same for the owners of the air park
who lie to Edgewater city officials by telling them
there is nothing they can do.
Nothing they can do, like implementing a noise abatement policy that many other runway facilities have to show consideration to the surrounding neighborhoods,
like New Smyrna Beach airport. They have a voluntary ban on touch and gos on Sunday, so aircraft based there come to Massey airpark on Sundays to do theirs,
like N19887, based at New Smyrna airport did on 2-6-2011.

It's sad that the Masseys lack the skills and will
to develop their airpark, which was started long before the commercial flight schools, into something desireable and beneficial to the Edgewater community and potential airpark residents and not just the commercial flight schools
Quoting an Edgewater City Council Person:
What a "Gem" The airpark is for Edgewater

Labor Day 2010 - another national holiday,
Another day of disrespect and inconsideration
by the flight schools and the Masseys
Just another commercial flight school training day
N53151 - Air America Flight School
N58ER - Embry-Riddle
N881AV - Avion Air Academy

Independance Day 2010
It just wouldn't be a national holiday without a few commercial touch and gos to remind us of what freedom is all about:
The freedom to fly whenever and wherever you want
Nothing sacred to flight schools and Massey Airpark* except the almighty dollar and 'their' airspace
N25280 - Based at Spruce Creek Fly-In where commercial touch and gos are not allowed (not as much freedom there aparently)

The latest PITA Award goes to ...
Embry-Riddle, the Kings of Bad Neighbors and Inconsideration ....
N710ER, N716ER and other ass holes doing spiral downs and hitting the power over peoples' houses no where near the runway around Massey Airpark:


And others like N715ER, like on 6-9-10, and others for the last couple of weeks have made a point to do pre-7am fly bys and touch and gos at Massey airpark before the voluntary noise abatement policy would allow them to do so at New Smyrna Beach airport which is closer.

Air America still taking the easy way out by not using a control tower and polluting Edgewater neighborhoods for an hour at a time:
6-23-10 7:40am- N53210 - touch and gos

Attention potential banner advertising customers:
The banner towing company from Daytona Beach (A e r i a l M e s s a g e s) that operates out of Massey Airpark chose NOT to save you money by reducing their operating expenses by flying out of New Smyrna Beach airport which is closer to the beaches than Edgewater. They had planned a 1 month trial period at NSB airport back in March 2010 and had even given NSB a $2000 down payment on their expenses (story here, video here). Instead, they chose to continue to operate out of Edgewater in order to keep things simpler for themselves by not having to deal with the control tower at NSB. You would think that in times of a tough economy they would do all they can to keep their costs as low as possible for their customers, not to mention lowering carbon and noise pollution.
They continue their discriminatory noise abatement practice at Massey of flying a right hand instead of a left hand pattern when using runway 18. Here is an example of their level of professionalism while flying their aircraft over neighborhoods near Massey Ranch Airpark. The following sound clip was recorded on July 4, 2010 about 1:00pm between two banner aircraft, N54HY and N711WW. Take note of the language used on the radio.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

Memorial Day 2010 (just another Monday)
Nothing sacred to flight schools and Massey Airpark* except the almighty dollar and 'their' airspace
N6378W - touch and gos
N9234X (based at NSB*) - repetitive training; voluntary noise restrictions at NSB - no problem, do it at Massey!
N30876 - based at Daytona
N132SA (based in Vero Beach)
*New Smyrna Beach Municipal airport has a voluntary noise abatement policy which includes no touch and gos between 5pm and 8am, no repetitive flight training on Sundays and national holidays

Are you looking for a nice quiet airpark free of commercial flight schools and their excessive flight operations?
Check out these quiet private access airparks in Florida:

Canyon Creek Airpark in Lake City, FL
Ridge Landing in Lake Wales, FL
Tailwinds Airpark in Jupiter, FL
Leeward Air Ranch in Ocala, FL
Sky Manor Estates at Ft. Denaud near Fort Meyers, FL
Sandy Creek Airpark near Panama City, FL

Interested in a flight school? Check out these schools in more progressive areas of Florida:

424 Aviation

ATA Flight School
A1 Aero Flight Services

Airborne Systems
American Flying Academy

Atlas Aviation
Bartow Flying Service
Bay Air Flying Service
Beaver Aviation

CAMS Flight
Clearwater Aviation
Sunquest Aviation

In an attempt to attract commercial flight schools to these neighborhoods, since mid 2006 the amount of flight operations at Massey Ranch Airpark have steadily increased to a point where there are now upwards of between 100 and 300+ flight operations per day, 90% of which are due to touch and gos, take offs, landings and fly bys by commercial flight school aircraft not based at this airpark. This activity adversely affects the quality of life and property values in the surrounding neighborhoods by creating safety concerns and noise pollution problems that did not exist to this extent before this time. Several attempts by several nearby residents to request reasonable restrictions on the excessive touch and gos around these neighborhoods were made in good faith to Massey Airpark owners and Edgewater city officials and have proven to be fruitless. Airpark management has told Edgewater city officials that there is nothing they can do. Since they obviously don't want to discourage commercial flight schools from coming to these neighborhoods, it's seemingly unthinkable for them to consider any type of good neighbor policy that might limit the excessive touch gos and being done by these commercial flight schools on a daily basis. Consequently there is no noise abatement policy or any other type of good neighbor policy, which many other airports have, at this airpark.

Edgewater residents: FYI: The city of Edgewater supports Massey Air Park on the city's web site in an effort to draw attention to Edgewater's economic development. Look at page 5 of this pdf document on the city's web site. If the document is no longer available there click here. There are even web addresses given for the Airpark Aviation business and Massey Properties. Proponents of flight schools like to talk about their great economic benefit. Ask yourself this: How does the fact that 90% of the flight operations at the airpark are being done by commercial flight schools not based in Edgewater benefit Edgewater residents and taxpayers? Where is the economic benefit to Edgewater? Better yet, ask this of the Edgewater city manager.

Several Embry-Riddle operated aircraft intrude on the residents of these neighborhoods most of the day on Saturdays and many other times during the week in order to practice and engage in spot landing competition at Massey Airpark. It's nice to know that Edgewater and county residents can have their quality of life reduced in order for students at a school 30 miles away to participate in extra curricular activities. If Embry-Riddle needs an uncontrolled airfield that bad - and they should have thought of that when they started their club - then they should do what Volusia County should have made them do 45 years ago -

- Flight Training Express -
You are seriously arogant and irresponsible - what kind of flight school operator lets their aircraft out in a lightning storm on May 17, 2010 for not 1 but no less than 4 times around the pattern?
If you want to put yourselves in jeopardy do it without putting residents under you at risk!
Take your midnight pattern work and take a hike!
Go back to Daytona or Miami or wherever you came from


The East Central/South Florida area is the largest area in the world for flight training, according to the FAA. There are more commercial flight schools in this area than anywhere else in the world. They are able to use any public access airport runway in Florida for free. Since about late 2005 to mid 2006, the amount of flight operations at the privately owned, uncontrolled, single runway Massey Airpark (X50) has increased dramatically. Up until about mid to late 2006 there were aproximately 30-50 flight operations per day, as reported on AirNav's website. Since mid 2006, the amount of flight operations at this airpark have steadily increased to a point where there are now approximately between 100 and 300+ flight operations per day, 90% of which are due to touch and gos, landings and fly bys by commercial flight school aircraft not based at this airport. These flight schools significantly reduce the quality of life and property values in the surrounding neighborhoods by creating safety concerns and noise pollution problems that did not exist to this extent before this time. There have been days when there have been airplanes circling the skies around this airpark at a rate of more than 1 a minute for the better part of a 10-12 hour day. Are you looking for a nice quiet neighborhood in the Central Florida area free from the intrusion of commercial flight school activity that lowers the quality of life? If you're Are you looking for a community with a runway that is not mainly a practice field for commercial flight training aircraft doing touch and goes, take offs, landings and fly bys during any hours of the day or night? Are you looking for a community where you're not annoyed many days at 7-8 am by commercial flight school touch and goes and fly overs?

Past PITA Awards ...
Air America Flight Center of Daytona Beach whose N9395B has been at Massey almost every day for the last couple of weeks. This is the same airplane whose pilot on Aug. 26, 2009 at 3PM announced he was using runway 18 while actually using runway 36 for no less than 5 touch and gos. Another pilot attempting to land at Massey from the East had to tell him which runway he was using after the other pilot landed 'straight in' on runway 18.

Prop-Jet USA, based at Spruce Creek Fly-In (where commercial touch and goes are not allowed) whose twin engine N8390K, N545WR and N25280 has been at Massey almost every day for the last several weeks for sometimes an hour+ at a time doing touch and goes and turning low and short over peoples homes on take off and landing. They based themselves at an airport that doesn't allow commercial touch and goes and then go into other neighborhoods in order to generate income. Nice! Get lost Prop-Jet. You started in 2007, we were here long before that.

Click here for an example of how Embry-Riddle has made this airpark a base for competition training from about March thru October of 2009 and from March 2010 thru ?

*The company based in Daytona Beach that does banner towing at Massey Airpark and Massey Airpark are using a discriminatory noise abatement practice to minimize noise on the East side of the runway and increasing noise on the West side of the runway. N711WW, N54HY and others use a left hand pattern when using runway 36 (taking off to the North) but use an unnecessary and potentially dangerous right hand pattern when using runway 18 (taking off to the south). Not only is this discriminating against the neighborhoods to the West, but also creates an unnecessary and potentially dangerous situation while other aircraft are simultaneously in the normally accepted left hand pattern while using the same runway. There can potentially be two aircraft lining up on the same runway at the same time from opposite sides of the runway. At a recent New Smyrna Beach city council meeting while discussing the possibility of a 30 day trial for Aerial Messages to use the city's airport, owner Colin Remy stated that while he was owner of the company they never had a safety related issue. Aparently Mr. Remy feels that since they never had a physical accident during their operations at Massey, there are no safety related issues with the way they have conducted business at Massey. Common sense would suggest that anytime two or more aircraft are approaching the same runway at an uncontrolled airport from different directions at the same time there is an unnecessary increased risk.
Here's what they said they were planning to do in March of 2010:
The (New Smyrna Beach) commission granted a banner-towing flight business a 30-day trial period to test the viability of permanently operating out of the NSB Airport.  “It’s much closer to the beach than our present facility in Edgewater,” said business owner Remy Colin. “It is also closer to beaches and the speedway to the north.”
As of June 12, 2010 they are still operating out of Massey Airpark. One big stunt to get a better deal from Massey, which aparently worked.

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